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Hello! I'm Tyler Finchum. For this past school year I have been teaching 10 fifth graders for one hour each week. It’s all part of a new ELP (extended learning program) initiative focusing on technology. The basic idea is to put a high school senior (me) with a group of fifth graders and teach them about technology (what could go wrong?)

When I first agreed to teach these students I created a lesson plan that I thought would keep us busy for at least six months. I planned to cover typical fifth grade topics like solar panels and spaceships. The problem that I ran into was the kids. Compared to the things I knew when I was in fifth grade these kids were super geniuses. We finished my six-month lesson plan in about two weeks.

I quickly decided that I was going to need to teach some more challenging topics. I had a good deal of experience in building websites and computers (see my about me page), and I thought that this would be a great new topic to teach.

So for the next eight months we met each week and worked on creating websites and building computers. The websites here are the final products of these fifth graders hard work.

This is the Mulberry group

This is the McKinley group

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About Me

My name is Tyler Finchum, and I really enjoy staying busy. When I’m not working with awesome fifth graders you can usually find me working on the family farm or operating my business.

I live on a farm along with my mother, father, and twin brother. Our farm currently has 30 sheep, 20 lambs, 16 cows, 5 calves, 4 cats, a dog, and a llama. I love them all very much (well at least the animals), and will miss them a lot when I leave for college.

I also own and operate the business Farm Manuals Fast. It has been very successful and is making me a good amount of money. I also operate FarmManualsFast.org in my spare time.

I plan on attending the University of Iowa in the fall. We will see where things go from there.

To be honest I'm not really sure why I was chosen for this position. Other than reading to my reading buddy when I was in fifth grade I had had no previous teaching experience, but I have to admit working with these fifth graders has really been a great experience. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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Past and present projects: Farm Manuals Fast, FarmManualsFast.org, SpazGamz, and Muskie Websites

Mulberry's Website

The kids at Mulberry school decided they wanted to build their own computer. We added a new part to the computer each week and by the end of the year we had a working computer. After that each student picked a part of the computer and created a webpage for it. Visit Mulberry's Computer Website.

Bryson's Website

Bryson enjoyed reading the Eragon books. He made a website about the Dragon Riders that are in the Eragon books. Visit Bryson's Website.

Nicole's Website

Nicole created a website about animals. Her website contains many pictures of cute and interesting animals. Visit Nicole's Website.

Tanner and Kyle's Website

Tanner and Kyle both like Pokémon. They created a website dedicated to their favorite Pokémon. Visit Kyle and Tanner's Website.

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Below are websites that we created just for fun or didn't have time to finsih. Some of these websites are enlightening, and a lot of them are about video games.


Gabe's Website


Trey's Website


Tyler's Website


Josh's Website


Tanner's Steelers Website

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